Plasti-Mend White

Notice -- Due to lack of availability of "pure white" plastic, there may be variations in the "white" color of Plasti-Mend White depending upon batch. We will continue to try to produce as close to the "pure white" color as possible but cannot guarantee there will not be shade differences.  
For Shower pans, Sinks, Shrouds, End Caps, etc. made of white or colored ABS.
Plasti-Mend White is similar to Plasti-Mend Black but is for the repair of ABS or PVC shower pans, sinks or other objects such as air conditioning shrouds and RV end caps or tent trailer roofs. It will repair cracks and small holes up to 3-4 inches with no problem. It is a more cosmetic product without the strength of Plasti-Mend Black so it should not be used to repair tanks etc. made of black ABS. It can be used to repair any white or colored ABS plastic article since it is just as strong as the white plastic. Plasti-Mend White is formulated so it can be worked longer than Plasti-Mend Black to create a more finished texture and can be tinted to match your individual project. It can be applied with brush or with a roller to create a stippled finish. It can be sanded to smooth imperfections. Although the repair is quite effective, it can be very difficult to produce a finish that blends exactly to the color, texture and finish of each individual project. For this reason the repair will usually show as such depending upon the skill level of the individual.
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Plasti-Mend White Large Repair Kit
For larger repairs. This kit contains the essentials for repairing two 3 to 4 inch holes or a..
Plasti-Mend White Regular Repair Kit
This kit contains the essentials for repairing about an 18-24 inch crack or 3-4 in hole. Plea..
Plasti-Mend White Pint
Plasti-Mend White in a one pint paint can. This is the same size that is in the Regular Kit. ..
Plasti-Mend White Pint   Case of 12
Plasti-Mend White in a one pint paint can. Case of 12 cans 20% discount.   ..
Plasti-Mend White Quart
Plasti-Mend White in a one quart paint can. This is the same as is in the Large White Kit. ..
Plasti-Mend White Quart  Case of 6
Plasti-Mend White in a one quart paint can. Case of 6. 20% discount.    ..
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