Plasti-Mend Clear

Plasti-Mend Clear For Acrylic plastic (Plexi-GlasĀ®) Refrigerator Trays and similar items
Plasti-Mend Clear is similar to the other plastic resin products except it is an acrylic plastic rather than ABS. It is very useful for repairing the clear plastic such as is used in refrigerator trays, taillight lenses, etc. It can be applied to the inside of the crack or break as an adhesive or applied along the outside of the crack to further strengthen it. Plasti-Mend Clear can also be used to repair small cracks etc. in ABS sinks etc. This would normally be done only on smaller cracks since acrylic plastic is more brittle and might not be suitable for larger applications. Plasti-Mend Clear can also be applied over scratched, worn plastic to provide a "clear-coat" hard, glossy finish. It is normally thinned with Plasti-Mend Thinner for this application. It can be thinned and applied over or with Plasti-Mend White for a smoother, glossy finish. It can be used to provide a "weather coating" since it is more UV and weather resistant.

 MSDS and Usage Instructions

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Plasti-Mend Clear Repair Kit
This kit contains the essentials for repairing about a 24 inch crack. The 4 oz can will ..
Plasti-Mend Clear 4oz
Plasti-Mend Clear 4 oz can w/ dauber Full instructions included. ..
Plasti-Mend Clear Pint
Plasti-Mend Clear in a one pint paint can.  Full Instructions included. &nbs..
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