About Us

 The original formula for Plasti-Mend Black plastic resin was created in 1983 by an RV technician trying to find a way to make quick, efficient repairs to holding tanks. After working with and using it for several years to perfect it, he left the RV business and forgot about the plastic resin formula until buying an RV that needed holding tank repairs. He mixed up a batch to repair his RV. Being semi-retired and experiencing the crunch the economy was having on retirement funds, he decided to produce and market it as there was nothing comparable on the market.  

And so, in 2010, Plasti-Mend was born and is growing as customers find how well our products work.We are now working on increasing the production of our products to meet the demand and to make our products easily available at retail outlets.  



We are a new company with a product line that we feel is needed by many people that need to stretch their dollar.  We want to build a business based on customer satisfaction with our products that can provide employment in our community. We feel that the key to our country's economy is getting more jobs in our country.