Plasti-Mend Plastic Repair Products

We strive to produce quality products at a reasonable price.  If any of our products do not perform as they should, are found defective or you do not receive what you ordered, please contact us for replacement or refund.  

We are confident enough in our products that if you are not satisfied with their performance, we offer a full money back guarantee, including shipping***, for one year after your purchase. 


Plasti-Mend Black                            

For Effective and Economical ABS Plastic Part or Tank Repair 

 Plasti-Mend Black is a specially formulated mix of plastic resins and solvents designed to repair ABS plastic used for RV holding tanks, Motorcycle and Auto parts and other uses. It can be used to repair holes of any size, cracks and even modify or build special tanks or parts. It works by chemically melting an application of plastic resins into the existing plastic, creating a new layer of ABS plastic bonded into the original plastic.

 P-M Black works only on solvent reactive plastics. It will work very well on ABS, PVC, Styrene, Acrylics and moderately well on Polycarbonates.

It will not work on Polyethylene plastic. This is usually the opaque milky-white plastic used for water tanks or the milky-grey plastic used for some holding tanks. Most fuel tanks and anti-freeze overflow tanks as well as milk jugs and plastic buckets are also polyethylene. Polyethylene requires thermal welding to properly repair. 

P-M Black is a permanent repair for ABS holding tanks and other items made of solvent reactive plastics since it bonds into the plastic, making it stronger than the original.  Sometimes ABS plastic cement for gluing plumbing fittings is used but it does not contain the proper solvent and resin mixture to properly bond for an effective topical repair.  There are other repair adhesives for temporary repair but none permanently bond into the plastic for an effective repair like Plasti-Mend.

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Plasti-Mend White

For Shower pans, Sinks, Shrouds, End Caps, etc. made of white or colored ABS. 

Plasti-Mend White is similar to Plasti-Mend Black but is for the repair of ABS or PVC shower pans, sinks or other objects such as air conditioning shrouds and RV end caps or tent trailer roofs. It will repair cracks and small holes up to 3-4 inches with no problem. It is a more cosmetic product without the strength of Plasti-Mend Black so it should not be used to repair tanks etc. made of black ABS. It can be used to repair any white or colored ABS plastic article since it is just as strong as the white plastic.  Plasti-Mend White is formulated so it can be worked longer than Plasti-Mend Black to create a more finished texture and can be tinted to match your individual project. It can be applied with brush or with a roller to create a stippled finish. It can be sanded to smooth imperfections. Although the repair is quite effective, it can be very difficult to produce a finish that blends exactly to the color, texture and finish of each individual project. For this reason the repair will usually show as such depending upon the skill level of the individual.

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Plasti-Mend Clear

 For Acrylic plastic (Plexi-Glas®) Refrigerator Trays and similar items

 Plasti-Mend Clear is similar to the other plastic resin products except it is an acrylic plastic rather than ABS. It is very useful for repairing the clear plastic such as is used in refrigerator trays, taillight lenses, etc. It can be applied to the inside of the crack or break as an adhesive or applied along the outside of the crack to further strengthen it.

 Plasti-Mend Clear can also be used to repair small cracks etc. in ABS sinks etc. This would normally be done only on smaller cracks since acrylic plastic is more brittle and might not be suitable for larger applications.

 Plasti-Mend Clear can also be applied over scratched, worn plastic to provide a "clear-coat" hard, glossy finish. It is normally thinned with Plasti-Mend Thinner for this application. It can be thinned and applied over or with Plasti-Mend White for a smoother, glossy finish. It can be used to provide a "weather coating" since it is more UV and weather resistant.

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Plasti-Mend Rejuvinator/Clear Coat

Plasti-Mend Rejuvenator/Clear Coat is used on worn or weathered plastic to soften the plastic as well as bond a thin coat of hard acrylic plastic over the application surface for a more efficient seal and wear surface. It is more resistant to UV radiation than ABS plastic by itself.  It can also be applied as a clear coat over repaired plastic for a glossy finish.

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Plasti-Mend Thinner for Plasti-Mend Products

Plasti-Mend Thinner is a special blend of solvents for thinning any of the Plasti-Mend Plastic products. It should not be used as a cleaner due to the extremely high volatility. It should be used if the solvents in any of the products have evaporated, making the product thicker than normal or if the product needs to be thinned for a particular use. The Plastic Cleaner should not be used for this purpose since it does not contain the same solvents.  

Do not leave the thinner open for longer than necessary,  the solvents evaporate quickly and the thinner will not perform as intended.

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Plastic Cleaner/Primer for Cleaning and Prepping Plastic

After cleaning an article with wateror alcohol to remove loose dirt, it should be cleaned with the PM Plastic Cleaner/Primer. It will remove any oils etc. and even strip the surface plastic leaving the plastic ready for the Plasti-Mend product. It is a very aggresive solvent cleaner. Care should be taken not to get it on surrounding areas of sinks etc. or drip it on painted or finished surfaces as it will damage the finish. 

The Cleaner/Primer can also be used to test some plastics for suitability for repair with Plasti-Mend products. If the plastic is rubbed with the cleaner, some of the plastic will begin to dissolve and rub off with the cleaner if it is a solvent reactive plastic. Other plastics that Plasti-Mend is not suitable for, such as polyethylene, will not be effected by the cleaner.

PM Cleaner/Primer will have little to no effect on some plastics such as acrylics and polycarbonates that Plasti-Mend will work on. See Identifying Your Plastic for more information on solvent reactive testing of plastics.

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Plasti-Mend also offers a number of plastic repair supplies like ABS sheet plastic and the fiberglass mesh in repair project sizes and quantities.