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I saw the webpage and agonized over whether to "roll the dice" to buy this product. Turned out to be the perfect solution to what could have been an expensive repair. I bought a used RV and didn't think to look closely at the holding tanks. Both, grey and black, ABS tanks were badly cracked and leaking. I just knew they'd have to be replaced. Some of the cracks ran from bottom to top and around corners. Both dump valve stacks had cracks where they interfaced the main tank wall.
I followed the instructions carefully and planned the repair as best I could. I washed the tanks out and let them dry for a week before starting.There was still residual water in both tanks which was mopped out with paper towels taped a stick the day of the repair. Temps during the repair were in the mid 50's F. Low temps were in the 30's F after the repair. I essentially rebuilt the dump valve ends of both tanks. Although the repair looked amazingly good immediately, I waited a couple of weeks before trying out the repair. I have driven several hundred miles now over roads of various roughness. Even though the dump valve stacks are well secured, they still wiggle when the road is rough. Despite this, neither tank leaks. Period. Dry as a bone. What a great product. Thanks Plasti-Mend!

BP Alabama


Rooftop Cargo Box

What do you do when you forget it is on your roof as you drive into your garage or loan it to a friend and they drop and crack it? I was recently faced with this dilemma and shelling out more than $500 to replace (or invoicing my neighbor for a new box) was not a viable option. So I dug a little deeper and found an option from a company called Plasti-Mend.

While my damage only included a small hole and long crack, I ordered the ‘regular’ product and the cost was less than $50 with shipping (less than 1/10 the cost of a new box).



This product was excellent. It did a terrific job on our sewer tank. I don't believe we will have any more problems there.

JF Utah


Excellent stuff!! Tore off the pipes from both my grey and black water holding tanks.
It was extensive damage with tears to the tanks.
Followed the instructions with Plasti-Mend and my tanks are good as new.
This is the second year after the repair and still holding strong.
Bought an extra repair kit just in case I am dumb enough to bust my tanks again..
Very Happy.



I, like many other people, was skeptical of this product but figured what did I have to lose! My grey water tank had sprung a leak and after many hours of reasearch and a few, extremely vague, answers from RV dealers (other than specific outlandish repair quotes),I decided to tackle the project my self. As I write this the mend is drying. I am nothing but certain this product will work! I used it two weeks ago to mend the plastic housing of a gas water pump. The pump had cracked a couple of years ago and the fiberglass I used to fix it had let go. I applied plasti-mend to both the inside and outside of the pump housing. I've pumped about 5000 gallons of water since with no leaks. If it can withstand that pressure I am confident there will be no issues with a holding tank.

Great product. Thanks (Doug)

I bought a few cans of the black repair last year. I had 3 holding tanks to repair. They all had some long cracks along the curved edges of the tank and along the mounting flange area. I could not find replacement tanks the size I needed.
The previous owner had repaired a leak in one of the tanks and told me it was fixed. It did not last a week.
I cleaned off the existing patch and applied Plasti-Mend to the tank and NO MORE LEAKS!
I wanted to see how it worked on the 1st tank before spending more time and money on the others.
After seeing the results on the 1st tank I repaired all the other cracks on the other tanks and it worked great. It worked so well that I also bought a can of the white and repaired some cracks in the air-conditioner shrouds.
I have recommended it to my friends.
One year and going with no leaks!

This is a great product!!!

LM Wisconson

I have used Plasti-Mend black with great success on my campers waste tanks. All 3 of the waste tanks developed a leak where the factory attached the 3 inch discharge tube to the waste tank. The factory attachment ( either glue or thermal weld) failed at the 6 oclock position - ( lowest point). The plasti-weld with the mesh did the trick...and I am quite pleased with the performance. Thanks

JG New York

Just wanted to send in my experience with your fantastic product.
I purchased a used RV 2009 Jayco, camper was in fantastic shape but
unfortunately the tank manufacturer did not have the proper thickness where the flange
joined the tank. Nice crack as seen in the picture to produce a leak.

Found your product online and decided to give it a try. We all know how expensive it would be to replace
the tank.
Cleaned and followed the instructions for applying the plasti-mend, I did multiple coats to ensure a lifetime repair.
Could not have been more pleased with how it applied and covered. Used the screen as well to help with strength.
I fixed it in Dec of 2012 and as of now Aug 2013 everything is still better than new.

TN Alabama


Thank you for your wonderful product. We traveled from Florida to Washington state in late January this year. Along the trip our black water tank began to drip. We have a 1993 Jayco 5th wheel and with the age of the camper we have had to replace many parts and appliances, so to replace the tank was my first thought. But since we needed to live in our RV for about 6 to 8 months, we would have to be out of service for an extended period of time which would not be possible. I searched for a repair product and yours was the only one found. Camping World said there was no such repair product. The hardest thing about your product was cleaning the tank. It took us about 4 hours to clean and dry the tank (while in place under the camper) and I carefully followed the directions. The crack was in a "rib" on the underside of the tank where evidently it was thin in the original manufacture. The crack was deep in the rib and about 30" long. Since I bought a big kit, the mesh was perfect to completely cover the area. I repaired an area about 4" wide X 30" long. I applied 3 layers about 4 hours apart in 50 degree weather. To watch the chemical reaction was simply astounding. As a mechanical engineer, to see the rapid evaporation process, to smell the chemicals interacting with each other, to see the small frost buildup as the chemicals interact with the ambient temperature was simply a wonder to watch. The cleaner was the key to the adhesion of your product. The best part was your product applied extemely well upside down. I did not have to disconnect the plumbing to perform the repair. That is another savings in time and money. With this repair now complete, we have been able to enjoy our camper without any further leaking.


A.H.   Florida



Great solution for a shattered car-top carrier


After a fair amount of online research, I bought a double kit of black Plasti-Mend to repair a shattered Thule 667ES Excursion ES Rooftop Cargo Box car-top carrier. This worked very well to repair several long cracks, a few short cracks, and two jagged holes near the rounded corners of the carrier, about 5 inches in diameter. Thule cartop carriers are made of ABS plastic (confirmed by Thule support).

Be sure to read all the directions, and to wear an organic vapor face mask when using the product. I bought a 3M R6211 Low-Maintenance Half-Mask Organic Vapor, P95 Respirator Assembly, Medium, which worked very well.

My wife damaged the Thule by driving into the garage, crushing it against the elevated door. She then damaged the Thule more, backing out of the garage, in a panic. When she saw the damage, she said "No way!" could it be repaired. It had so many cracks and holes that the top couldn't support itself; it just collapsed. It was so damaged that my first repairs required dangling the carrier upside down from my deck from ropes, so that gravity would help position the parts, and using packing tape to hold some of the seams in alignment.

My completed repair looks quite good. From a few feet away, most people wouldn't notice the extensive patching. The color matches exactly, though the finish lacks the 'grain' of the original carrier's ABS plastic. Once glance at the repairs, and my wife shared my confidence, because the Plasti-Mend truly bonds with/combines into the original product.

We have driven about 1700 freeway miles with the repaired carrier on the roof -- no problems!

There are lots of good tips in the Plasti-Mend documentation. Here are a few more.

- The product comes supplied with inexpensive paint brushes. Have paper towels, a rubber band, and a ziplock-type bag handy BEFORE you open the can for each coat.

- When you've finished a coat, clean the brush with the paper towels, then wedge the brush into a corner of the ziplock bag so as to minimize air exposure. Secure the bag tightly around the neck of the brush. Then place it into your freezer! This helps to preserve the brush for subsequent uses.

- I suggest you wear the organic vapor face mask until you've completed your clean-up after each coat.

- A wheelbarrow was an ideal holder for my cartop carrier during the repairs (once I had sufficiently restored the Thule's structural integrity). It cradled the carrier nicely. And importantly, you can easily wheel your project into a breezy, shady location while you work. Ventilation is important for your safety.

- Plan on applying several coats, if you've got big holes. I applied fiberglass mesh to both sides of my bigger holes, for reinforcement. These will disappear once you've applied the Plasti-Mend.

- For a smooth finish . . . rather than trying to 'work' the Plasti-Mend onto/into the repair area, simply apply a generous amount, and do so in the shade. Once it fully cures, it will be shiny and black.

- Plasti-Mend provides some fiberglass mesh to apply over the cracks. This is just finely-spaced fiberglass window/door screening, which cuts easily with any scissors. I needed about 10 sq. ft. additional screening to finish my big job, and a couple more brushes.

- While at the hardware store, you may want to pick up some thin, disposable latex or nitrile gloves for easier clean-up.

I'm a big fan of this product. I plan to purchase some white/clear-type Plasti-Mend if and when my refrigerator trays next need repair.


M.V.  Wisconson



A good job ~~~ great results ~~~ repair really is stronger and better than original ~~~ every RVer ought to have easy access to this stuff.
Thanks for the good service and advice.

P.M.    Florida

 Your Product Exceeded My Expectations‏

I recently used your P-M Black kit to repair a fractured ABS drain pipe on our RV holding tank. The drain pipe had been damaged by debris on the highway. Following the detailed instructions that came with the kit, I applied the P-M Black resin and the reinforcing mesh. Your product exceeded my expectations. The P-M Black kit worked perfectly, and our RV holding tank is again functional.  
Thank you for developing such an outstanding product!
T.N. Ohio 

 This product is amazing stuff, it saved me lots of money and time in tank repairs.

R.R.  Oregon

I recently used Plasti-Mend on an ABS black-water holding tank on (a) small RV.  After carefully following the instructions, the results had a permanent finished appearance.   Better than that, the repair completely eliminated the eight inch long crack that existed in the bottom of the tank for several years.  In the past, I had used every product on the market with poor results that were only a temporary fix.  I'm sold on this product.  It works as described.  Just watch the video and follow the written instructions. 
The repair I made was about three years ago. I just wanted to update the testimonial by indicating that the repair was permanent and lasting. It is as good today as it was three years ago. This product works as advertised. Just follow the instructions and you'll be very satisfied with the results. 


 Great product. RV  tank repaired. Ripped a hole in it over uneven ground. I did take tank out so gravity would be in my favor. The product worked better than expect(ed). Local RV dealers did not even sell product to repair a rip. Wanted to sell me a new tank. Repair should hold forever. Make sure you follow instructions. That's why they are there!! Area to be repaired must be clean.

G.K. California 

 I just wanted to send you a quick thanks for the prompt delivery of my order.  I broke the black tank outlet pipe almost completely out of the tank and scraped the grey tank when I bottomed out a couple of months ago.  The local RV repair shop only offered to replace the tanks at the tune of just over 2 grand!  The PlastiMend site was the only promising option when I researched online.  My buddy and I repaired the tanks with three applications over a hot Texas Saturday and let it set for the week.  I'm happy to report no leaks or cracks after the next week long outing.  Thanks for putting out a quality product for folks that are willing to do their own repairs.

D.P. Texas



V.W.   Washington State 

    My grey water tank started cracking in the corner.  I was told even to repair it by welding they would have to pull the tank to get to it. It was only two years since I had it replaced. A friend told me about Plasti-Mend so I tried it. Had some trouble getting it but I guess that has been taken care of now. I was able to get to the crack enough to apply the Plasti-Mend. It sealed it right up and I haven't had any problem since. Filled the tank and let it set two days with no sign of leakage.

J.H.  Florida 

  Thanks for your EXCELLENT service and SUPERIOR product.  I ground off about $50 worth of various types of epoxy, and with Plasti-mend, it is now finally fixed and leak free. 

D.A.  Oregon 

 I used this product to repair several holes in the shroud on my
 Kool-o-matic RV vent. It worked just great. Since the manufacturer is out of business and parts no longer available Plasti-Mend saved me a lot of trouble!  It is nice to have an American product which works so well.

M.M.  West Virginia 

 A miracle product for RV ers. This is the answer to RV owners prayers. No other product out there that will do what this one does. Sure beats the price of repairs at RV stores.The seller is very friendly and helpful also.

 I.B.  Arizona 

  Superior Product for RV Tank Repair. We had a crack in the outflow of our RV's gray water tank. The crack was appx. 2" in length -- not so great to cause a large leak but large enough to not let us dry camp without someone commenting about the drip from under our rig. We used the cleaner to prep the area and then applied three coats over several days to the crack. We've gone out twice now and have not noticed any further drips. This was a very cheap fix that probably would have cost over $1,000 if we had the tank replaced. 

S.W.  Washington 

   I was skeptical about the product. Not (any) more. Very pleased with the product. As from experience I noted that it is a good idea to clean repaired area with included cleaner EVERY time when the new layer of resin is applied. Repaired my RV black holding tank with no problem.  

V.I.  Washington 

 I used your Plasti-Mend on an older unit to repair cracks in RV holding tanks around pipes where they connect to the tank. Both were leaking.  I followed the good instructions that came with the product with better than expected results. The repair is better than new.  It is much thicker than (the)original material and it flowed out perfect. If you did not see it being done you would never know it had been repaired. Glad I tried your product first!
Thanks for a great product that works as advertised.   

S.H.   Iowa 

  I did fix the holding tank yesterday and it did work very well; even though I am not a specialist doing that kind of repair.
    I also must tell you that I did the repair from underneath the tank without removing it from the motorhome.  It surely was more difficult than taking the tank apart and doing the repair from the top but I wanted to try that way first. There was a crack of 12 inch long plus two other small cracks. I put some water in the tank today and it seems to be OK, no leak.
    I will give you the result next spring after our Quebec "cold weather". In the mean time, I will let you know if something happens. 


Just to let you know that your product works very well; it has resisted through our winter and it also lasted during our trip to Florida. We just got back home yesterday and it is still OK.

P. L.  Quebec

 I just placed my second order with your company and wanted to take a moment to tell you how pleased I am with your product.
I recently bought an old (and neglected) 1973 Dodge Class C and am in the process of completely rebuilding it. The black tank had a huge crack where the valve banged into something and nearly ripped out the bottom of the tank. I've repaired it with your product and am very happy with the results. Now I am ready to tackle the grey tank, which has no fittings at all, just a 6" round hole to repair and fit with a new spigot and valve assembly.

Thank you for marketing this product. This stuff is actually kinda fun to work with-- very satisfying to take a wrecked tank and make it new again.

Good luck with your business. I'll sure be spreading the word about how great Plasti-Mend is.

D.E.   Florida 

 Thanks for the fast service, I did receive the product at your specified time, even in Alaska, and was able to do the repair work before leaving.  I was rushed to get to our committed location. 

Your product did the trick. I put 5 coats on the black tank outlet, the tank itself actually had the cracks at the outlet, one almost 2 inches long.  Used the webbing on the first coat.

Plasti-mend dries smooth and shiny. Looks like or better than the original material.
I was hoping there was something like this on the market, and I'm a Happy Camper after using it.
Thanks so much for your great product and service.
P. O.         Alaska



The Plasti-Mend works awesome! My blackwater tank was in shambles with a baseball sized hole in the front, a hole ground in the bottom, and probably a dozen cracks of various sizes. The axle had snapped on my rv crushing the tank. My rv is a rare older model Toyota and replacement tanks are not available. With Plasti-Mend I was able to easily repair all of the damage and the tank has stayed 100% leak proof for months. I thank you sincerely for bringing this great product to market.



   I boondock in some pretty rough country and my holding tanks seem to be one of the things which suffer most from it. I have replaced two tanks for lack of a permanant repair. Anything I tried did not last long. I recently ripped my valves out of my tanks when they caught on a rock. I had heard about Plastimend from another RVer, so decided to give it a try before replacing the tanks. It was easy to use and not expensive. It took about a quart to do the repairs. I have had the rig out since and it is holding fine. The tanks are stronger than before the repair. I am ordering an extra can to carry with me. I won't be out without it from now on. Thanks for a fine product.

 D.B.    Nevada 



 I operate a ----- mobile (RV) repair business -----  I found your product online and have read reviews from various sources, I am very interested to see for myself if it works as claimed. You must totally believe in it to offer a guarantee, as most other products for this fix I have used do not live up to their claims. If it does, I will be a customer for life and highly reccomend it!  ------  I have a class C with two cracks at both grey and black tanks, cracks are where outlet fitting is bonded to tank, each about 2-3 inches long. ----- the temp up here has been quite low so I have not tried product yet ----- I finally got to use the kit, Wow! you have got a winner. After first two applications I was a little suspect because it looked a little rough. But when I showed up next day I was shocked, it was completely smooth and looked great (all most like the process of self-leveling dicor). I applied third coat and water tested - no leaks and a very happy customer, thanks. You really need to get this out there -----

MO   Washington


  I just ordered your product and used it to repair a crack in my rv gray water tank. It worked great. It is good to buy a product that does what it claims to do. Thank you for your help.

D.P.   Georgia


 I have repaired the hole in my RV holding tank. The hole was large enough to stick my fist into. There were a number of cracks around the hole. 

I drilled a small hole at the end of each crack, then pried the material apart and cleaned and coated the edges with plasti-mend. 
I used only one layer of screen and Plasti-Mend to initially cover the big hole.  
I was able to purchase...1/16 inch thick ABS black sheet from which I cut a number of narrow stips with which to cover the hole. 
The strips were applied edge to edge spanning the hole. As the contour was slightly rounded, a small gap was left between the tops of each strip. 
Two applications of Plast-Mend over the strips completely filled the cracks. The repair is probably stronger than the original. 
I was working outside in 80 degree temperature and found that I could slow down the Plasti-Mend by keeping it in the fridge. 
Thanks for a great product!
C.B. Ontario

 Good product, perhaps a bit expensive after paying shipping but considering the price and hassle involved with replacing the tank it looks pretty good. The directions were succinct and not too hard or messy to follow. My problem was the junction of the drain pipe and the tank. The repair looks like it will be permanent.

 J.C.  Michigan


 I've rarely used a product I've been so impressed with. I had a pretty significant break in my camper holding tank where we had hit a curb. Several pieces had broken out and there was about a 4" crack. I had tried several other glues and caulks to repair it but nothing would stick well or they did not seal properly.
Because of the other junk I put on there most of my prep time involved scraping off all the old materials I had put on there. I understand that often the final quality of the job depends on the up front work. After the prep work the application was very easy. The material just paints on. I ran a thick coat and added the screen in approx 1x4" strips. let that dry and then added a couple more coats. If you don't work quickly the material starts to dry and gets a little clumpy. The material seemed to self level and made a very smooth finish. Seems hard as a rock and looks like an awesome repair. As it was end of the season I did not get a chance to fill the tank and try it but would be very surprised if there are any problems.
Anyway, very nice product. I would use again and recommend to friends. I had enough left for another repair if I need it, if it doesn't dry out. Use outside if possible - very high solvents! And wear rubber gloves.

 M.B.   Ohio


 I just wanted to let you know that the Plasti-Mend White seems to have worked great to repair the cracks in my tent trailer roof, it appears to have bonded well and I'm very pleased with the results.

T.S.   California


 I am writing to let you know your product worked well for me. I purchased a used camper that had been moved by a fork lift that poked a fork sized hole in the gray water tank as well as broke the discharge line as it left the tank. It is a 1997 camper and no replacement tank was available. Looking on line I found your product and thought I would give it a try. I didn't want to remove the tank from the camper and this complicated the fix. After watching your video I gave it a try. So far I have been completely satisfied with the results. There are no longer any leaks in the tank and the repair job looks very professional. I bought an extra kit thinking I might need it but that wasn't the case. (I) will be carrying it with me in the camper so that I can have it to perhaps get me or someone else out of a jam. Thank you for your product and the use information provided…   

K.I.    Maine

 I used PlastiMend to repair the holding tanks in my travel trailer. I recently purchased the trailer used and found that both holding tanks and the dump plumbing had been severely damaged. Both tanks had multiple cracks and holes, and the pipe to the dump valves was completely split. I presumed that I would need to replace the tanks and plumbing but balked at the cost that was quoted to me - $1,200! I did some on-line research, discovered PlastiMend and read several complimentary reviews - so I decided  "why not give it a shot?"
Everything I ordered showed up promptly, and I followed the instructions using virtually every technique provided - including the mesh on the cracks and sheet ABS on the holes. The application was easier than I expected and the finish was amazing! The self-leveling properties of the material made it look like a professional repair. Even the split ABS pipe went together great and appears to be stronger than the original pipe.

I have since use the trailer on an extended trip and all the tanks and fittings are holding up fine. Incredible results for $60 and a few hours of work!  

  D.M.   Arizona


 This product worked great! It saved me about $1000. That is what the RV dealer was going to charge me to replace the black tank on my travel trailer....rediculous. The tank cracked at a stress point near the upper lip in the corner of the tank. Probably from driving home with the tank full and hitting bumps along the way. I camp with no hookups several times a year. I applied the product just as directed, used the mesh reinforcement over the crack. I applied several coats and got it built up pretty good. I just got back from a trip where I could not dump my tanks until after driving for about two hours, I checked underneath, The tank looks fine and the repair is intact. It worked and it withstood all that stress from traveling with the tanks full. I have plenty of product left over. The simple packaging makes it easy to store. I have offered it to my camping friends if they ever get a crack in their tanks. I highly recommend this product. Don't replace your black or gray tanks...use this stuff instead!

T.P.      New Jersey


 Thank you for a wonderful product!  I have a 2004 Travel Trailer and the Black Water Tank cracked while filling it up one day to flush it out.  It split right down the middle of the Tank a crack of about 18 inches.  I got on line trying to find out what to do about ordering a new tank only to find out that to change one out was equivalent to rebuilding my camper.  I was on an RV Forum when I read about your product.  Thank God!  I ordered Plasti-Mend and the next Saturday put the first coat on with fiberglass screen to strengthen.  I did it a second time with the screen the same day.  Put a Third coat on the next day strengthened with the screen and the next weekend added a final coat without the screen.   It did everything you said it would do.  It's like I put in a new Black Water tank!  I have since filled it up to the brim to flush it out without a problem and I have the confidence that with your product, I will never see it leak again.   

     Thank you again for a great product.  Please feel free to share this testimonial with prospective customers. 

  D. M.        Florida

I wanted you to know I am very VERY happy with your product. I had a 36 inch crack in my grey water tank and with your product and instructions I do not have a 36 inch crack now. Thank you for a product that does what it claims.

L.T.  Missouri




I am a boondocker who, along with my wife, built a bus conversion 13 years ago. I built all the tanks, fresh water (2), grey water, and black water, from a white food grade ABS plastic to specifically fit in available space. They were glued (and screwed) together using a glue I made from ABS shavings and acetone. Freshwater tanks are stacked, one under the frame and one directly above sitting on the frame, connected via a 1 1/2" line. About three years ago I 'blew up' my lower tank by filling with a higher volume hose than my vent could take. I repaired it with my glue, which just doesn't cut it.

Dealing with wet bays is no fun, and as it was worse this year, I decided to do something about it. I surfed the net and came across your website, and decided to e-mail you and question how you thought your product would work with my glue. Although skeptical, you're honest answer and suggestions convinced me to try your product.

I did this while dry camping on the desert with friends. With tank removed, I set up a work area in the shade. Cleaning the ABS was done by sanding all the seams with an air sander and 100 grit paper. A dremel tool was used to gouge out all seams by about 1/8". All the screws holding the top piece down were removed and small piece of ABS shaving was used to fill each hole.

(Tank in this picture is bottom up)

When all seams were cleaned, they were primed/cleaned with the PM cleaner and screening cut to fit all the seams.


My wife suggested I put the PM in a pour bottle so I would not have to leave the can open. Was an excellent idea and she provided me with a bottle made of plastic that would not be affected and had a squeeze pour spout.

Each gouged seam was filled with PM black and spread with a brush. A strip of screening was then laid on top and brushed into the PM and allowed to dry until the next day.


An additional coat was applied to each seam in a similar manner. The result is a nice smooth, very strong joint.


Now to turn the tank over and do the same to the top.


Tank was reinstalled the next day and filled with water. I didn't expect, nor do I expect any more problems with this tank. I am now preparing to do preventive maintenance by removing each of the other three tanks and redoing the seams with the PM.

I have confidence these tanks will never leak again.

J.L.    Saskatchewan