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Instructions for Use of Plasti-Mend Rejuvenator/Clear Coat

Plasti-Mend Rejuvenator/Clear Coat  is for the surface repair of weathered or worn ABS or other solvent reactive plastic items such as A/C Shrouds, fender covers, fairings, etc.. It can be used on any solvent reactive plastic to soften and revitalize the plastic as well as bonding a light coat of clear acrylic plastic on the application surface.  It can be used as a clear coat over plastic repairs for a hard glossy finish.
 Read all instructions and MSDS before beginning. Just like many products in everyday use, Plasti-Mend Clear contains chemicals that can be harmful or even fatal if not used properly. It is user responsibility to take the necessary precautions for safe use.
 Check the Material Data Safety Sheet for complete safety instructions. Plasti-Mend Clear requires special precautions for use. Use only in well ventilated area and with proper Personal Protection Equipment.  A carbon filter vapor mask for organic solvents should be used even in a well ventilated area. A vapor mask cannotbe relied on for protection from higher concentrations of Methylene Chloride that will develop in areas not well ventilated.  It is the responsibility of the user to determine the proper precautions for their specific application based upon current industry standards.
 Flammable -- Keep away from all sources of ignition. Vapors may travel to remote ignition source and flash back.
The article for repair must be clean and dry. Use a rag dampened with alcohol to clean any loose dirt or other residues off of the repair area. There should be no moisture on the repair area. Plasti-Mend Rejuvenator works best between 50°- 70°f. but can be used outside that temperature range. Do not allow direct sunlight to heat the repair area. It will increase evaporation of solvents that soften the plastic. High humidity and/or heavy applications that result in puddling of the product may cause a white "blush" to form on the repaired area.
Plasti-Mend Rejuvenator will not repair cracks that go through the plastic. It will melt together the small "micro" cracks that are caused by stress or weathering. One of the other Plasti-Mend products should be used for cracks that go all the way through the plastic.
Brush or roll the Rejuvenator on the plastic so it wets the plastic but does not run or puddle. Avoid excessive brushing to prevent transfer of the plastic as it is  softened. Recoat shortly after the previous coat has dried to soften the plastic deeper. Try to apply from both sides for maximum effect.
Plasti-Mend Rejuvenator cannot be left open for extended periods. The solvents that are necessary for proper performance evaporate quickly. The lid must be tightly replaced as soon as possible after use.  For proper performance, if the plastic resin becomes thick do not attempt to use.  This is a sign that too much of the solvents have evaporated. It should be like water. It can be thinned with the Plasti-Mend Rejuvinator Thinner. The regular Plasti-Mend Thinner should not be used since the solvents it contains are too aggressive. Shortly after opening, the can and contents may begin to get cold and cause condensation. This is due to the rapid evaporative process. 
Plasti-Mend Rejuvenator and the thinner will damage many plastics and finishes upon contact. Do not brush over decals or labels without checking a small area for damage. Check the repair item to see if it has been painted. Some plastic items are painted on the outside. Plasti-Mend Rejuvenator should not be applied over paint. Apply to the back side of the item in this case.
Plasti-Mend Rejuvenator is very thin and should be applied in a wet even coat without excessive brushing. The Plasti-Mend Rejuvinator will begin to soften the plastic immediately and excessive brushing will cause plastic transfer to the brush and surface degradation. It is better to apply multiple coats after each coat dries well. Brush slowly to minimize bubbles. Roll larger areas.
The Plasti-Mend Rejuvenator will dry to touch within minutes but the softening, revitalizing process will continue for 30 min. to an hour or more. The back side of the plastic the Rejuvenator is applied to will stay cold for some time during this process. The second or third coat can be applied during this time.
Two to three coats of Plasti-Mend Rejuvenator should be sufficient for most applications but severely weathered or worn plastic may require extra coats.Allow 24 hours after the third coat to apply any further coats.
A light sanding to remove rough areas may help the finish. This can be done before the initial application or between coats.
Application of Plasti-Mend Rejuvenator will change the surface texture of textured plastics. It will begin to fill in and smooth out the texture with the application of multiple coats. If there is concern with loss of texture only apply one or two coats.
Plasti-Mend Rejuvinator can be used as a clearcoat over other Plasti-Mend products to provide a tough, clear, weather and UV resistant coating. Apply after the other products have completely dried following the application instructions above.
Plasti-Mend assumes no liability for any damages or loss of any kind that might arise from the improper or incorrect use of its products.
Plasti-Mend attempts to present information to assist in the proper use of its products but assumes no liability for the interpretation, mis-interpretation or completeness of that information.
This information is provided for guidance but it is the responsibility of the user to determine proper precautions and applications as related to individual use of the product.
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